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The first bamboo straws organically grown + handcrafted in Hawai'i 💛

At Strawai'i, we leverage the abundance of invasive species on the islands of Hawai'i, and turn them into beneficial environmentally friendly products, with minimal impact to the environment.

Our straws are:

✔️Good with hot & cold beverages ✔️Never Soggy
✔️No discomfort of burning or cold lips
✔️Boiling & dishwasher-safe
✔️Reusable ✔️Compostable 
✔️Food-grade ✔️100% Chemical-Free
✔️Organic ✔️Natural Antimicrobial
✔️BPA-free ✔️Lead-free

✔️Works of art & love
✔️Encouraging a lifestyle in harmony with nature
✔️Personalized family straws

Strawai'i bamboo straws come in various sizes and are perfect for both 🍹ice cold smoothies and ☕️steaming hot coffees alike. 

Your bamboo straws are safe and ready for use. Nonetheless, we always recommend rinsing before the first use.

head & cold proof, but not dog-proof :)

Straw Cleaning Instructions

 Bamboo straws are simpler to care for than we think.

They are washable in a dishwasher - yes, completely dishwasher-safe. Your bamboo straw has been sanitized in boiling water for 10 minutes and sun-dried. 

To maintain bamboo’s natural structure and antimicrobial properties, please try to wash your bamboo straws after every use. A rinse with warm water should suffice, but you may also wash it with soap on a regular basis. A straw brush/cleaner can also be used.


Shortening Your Straw

Our coffee straws are shipped a little long, both due to us wanting to use as much of the bamboo as possible, and also so you can use it in any size container. However, if you find your straw too long for your liking, you can easily shorten it. All you have to do is sand down the ends to your desired length, and then rinse before use. A belt or disk sander works best, but you can do it by hand in just a few minutes. 

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