One Straw At A Time

Taking Care Of Our Planet

Every week, Americans throw away over three billion plastic straws. They are filling our landfills and making their way into our oceans. We are here to change that, as one of many companies making strides towards reducing plastic waste. 

Each Strawai'i can be used to eliminate over 500 of these plastic straws.



With your monogram, favorite inspirational quote or a special birthday & anniversary message -

Let LOVE be created!


Spotlight Organization of the Month

Malama Learning Center

Every month we pair a design with a conservation organization. For the month of December, with every Koholā  (Whale) straw sold on our page, we'll be donating $1 to Malama Learning Center. 

Malama Learning Center is a nonprofit organization that likes to “walk the talk.” Through their diverse programs, MLC brings art, science, conservation and culture together to promote sustainable living throughout Hawai‘i. They also strive to unify area schools, residents and businesses around a shared ethic of caring and conservation. Their mission is to teach and inspire communities to create healthy living environments through their 5 Cs: conservation, creativity, community, caring, and career. Some of their programs include MĀLAMA ʻĀINA field school, Camp Palehua, and school/community gardens. 

If you would like to get involved, you can make a donation, become a year round sponsor, attend a fundraising event, volunteer, or work for them. Check out their website for free educational information about conserving Hawaii’s resources.

S H O P & G I V E

Spotlight Farm of the Month

Mohala Farms

Every month we pair a design with a local farm. For the month of December, with every Nai'a(Dolphin) straw sold, we will be donating $1 to Mohala Farms.

Mohala Farms is a non-profit organization in Waialua, Oahu sustaining a 6-acre organic farm. Their mission is to foster healthy local communities in Hawai’i through sustainable agriculture, lifelong education with cultural and creative arts. They have been revitalizing the soil by bringing the land back to a state of healthy productivity and abundance since 2005. If you would like to donate to Mohala Farms, check out their website.

S H O P & C O N S E R V E

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