One Straw At A Time

Taking Care Of Our Planet

Every week, Americans throw away over three billion plastic straws. They are filling our landfills and making their way into our oceans. We are here to change that, as one of many companies making strides towards reducing plastic waste. 

Each Strawai'i can be used to eliminate over 500 of these plastic straws.



With your monogram, favorite inspirational quote or a special birthday & anniversary message -

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Spotlight Organization of the Month

Malama Maunalua

Every month we pair a design with a conservation organization. For the month of August, with every Moorish Idol straw sold on our page, we will be donating $1 to Malama Maunalua. 

Malama Maunalua was founded in 2005 with their vision to bring Maunalua Bay back to balance, where marine life is abundant, the water is clean and clear, and people take kuleana to caring for the bay. Maunalua Bay once was the largest fishpond on Oahu, now due to recent development and habitat destruction, the bay is in a slow decline. This nonprofit commits to restoring the health of Maunalua Bay through habitat restoration, science and planning, and education and outreach. Their work is driven by community members who help improve the quality of Maunalua Bay because they believe the bay is worth saving and its decline can be reversed. There are many opportunities to volunteer with Malama Maunalua through their Huki project, Plant a Tree, Save the Sea program, and Seagrass Restoration Initiative. 

If you would like to get involved, you can donate or volunteer. Contact Pam Weiant, Director of Science and Planning: to organize a huki outreach or apply for an internship.

S H O P & G I V E

Spotlight Farm of the Month

Roots Kalihi

Every month we pair a design with a local farm. For the month of August, with every Pineapple straw sold on our page, we will be donating $1 to Roots Kalihi.

Kōkua Kalihi Valley (KKV) is a federally qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit community health center founded in 1972 by community members with their goal to meet a need for proper healthcare.  KKV is a central hub within Kalihi Valley, with extensive partnerships that connect community members to services and to one-another. Their mission is to “work toward healing, reconciliation and the alleviation of suffering in Kalihi Valley through strong relationships that honor culture and foster health and harmony.” Committed to providing services of the highest quality, KKV integrates evidence-based practices into programs across all departments, including Maternal & Child Health, Medical, Chronic Disease Self-Management, and Elder Services. 

One of their programs is Roots Kalihi, which is a program that focuses on strengthening the roots that connect people to the land, the sea, our cultures, our community, our family, and to each other by growing, preparing, and sharing food with one another. At Hoʻoulu ʻĀina Nature Preserve in the back of Kalihi Valley,  they teach their community how to become mahi ʻāina, farmers of the land, by working in their community garden. Volunteers learn how to produce ʻāina to table meals. Their goal is to have the community uphold their rich traditions in culture and farming and have the opportunity to connect with their community with one another. 

S H O P & C O N S E R V E

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