One Straw At A Time

Taking Care Of Our Planet

Every week, Americans throw away over three billion plastic straws. They are filling our landfills and making their way into our oceans. We are here to change that, as one of many companies making strides towards reducing plastic waste. 

Each Strawai'i can be used to eliminate over 500 of these plastic straws.



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Spotlight Organization of the Month

Windward Zero Waste School Hui

Every month we pair a design with a conservation organization. For the month of October, with every Hibiscus  straw sold on our page, we will be donating $1 to Windward Zero Waste School Hui. 

Zero Waste Schools has a philosophy and practice that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles, so that all products are reused with the goal that no trash is sent to landfills and incinerators. This program strives to teach keiki how to re-design and manage products and processes to eliminate the volume of waste, conserve and recover all natural resources. Their program reaches out to five schools on the windward side of Oahu (Ka’oaho Public Charter School, Ka’ elepulu Elementary, Kainalu Elementary, Enchanted Lakes Elementary, and Kailua Intermediate) with the hopes to expand throughout the island. 

If you would like to get involved, you can donate, join their compost club, or buy some worms.

S H O P & G I V E

Spotlight Farm of the Month

Kahumana Farms

Every month we pair a design with a local farm. For the month of October, with every Pineapple straw sold on our page, we will be donating $1 to Kahumana Farms.

Kahumana Organic Farms & Cafe is a nonprofit co-creating a healthy, inclusive and productive farm-based community with homeless families, people with disabilities and youth since 1974. They have 25 acres of organic farmland in Lualualei, dedicated to grow as much food sustainably by having a regenerative farm practicing permaculture principles. Their mission is to create a balanced holistic world by upholding their values: maka’ala, mindfulness; aloha, empathy; and lokahi, working together. Through their various programs, Kahumana Farms have been able to provide shelter to the homeless, affordable healthy meals to their community, and services to their disabled community members. Kahumana Farms offers many opportunities to their community through their volunteer & internship programs, cafe, and retreat center. If you would like to get involved, visit their website:

S H O P & C O N S E R V E

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