In partnership with Malama Maunalua

DESIGN: Seashell

Malama Maunalua was founded in 2005 with their vision to bring Maunalua Bay back to balance, where marine life is abundant, the water is clean and clear, and people take kuleana to caring for the bay. Maunalua Bay once was the largest fishpond on Oahu, now due to recent development and habitat destruction, the bay is in a slow decline. This nonprofit commits to restoring the health of Maunalua Bay through habitat restoration, science and planning, and education and outreach. Their work is driven by community members who help improve the quality of Maunalua Bay because they believe the bay is worth saving and its decline can be reversed. There are many opportunities to volunteer with Malama Maunalua through their Huki project, Plant a Tree, Save the Sea program, and Seagrass Restoration Initiative.